Aerial Intelligence

Saxon Aerospace is a leader in Unmanned System Technology located in Kansas USA.  As a US Drone manufacturer, our mission is to provide rugged, reliable, and field-tested aircraft to the industry.   Saxon’s mission is to provide the best American Made Drones at a reasonable price and provide actionable intelligence through the use of cutting-edge sensor technology.  Our American Made Drones support high-level missions such as ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) SAR (Search and Rescue).  Our platforms include Mapping Drones, Agricultural Drones, and Inspection Drones. 


Our most precious resource are those who fight for a better future around the world.  Saxon Remote Systems Unmanned Aerial Vehicles provide aerial intelligence in order to minimize and or mitigate human loss.  Rather it is route reconnaissance, overwatch, tracking targets or security, the Saxon Unmanned Aircraft are up to the job.  The Saxon Aerospace Monitor M14 has recently celebrated our 50th mission in Central America with zero incidents in weather conditions unfavorable for UAV's.  Saxon is ready to support you.

Saxon Aerospace Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are designed to be tough, reliable, and easily maintainable systems.  Saxon has over 25 years of OIl & Gas Infrastructure experience onshore and offshore and have built our aircraft to supply the world with a safer, less expensive, and faster solution.  Our aircraft are another tool in the toolbox to minimize risk and go where human beings shouldn't be.  We are the WorkClass Vehicles in the Drone World.

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