Saxon Remote Systems in McPherson, Kansas was launched in November 2014 by the owners of OceanTech LLC, a provider of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) services to marine and offshore industries. The company will specialize in a wider variety of remote system technology platforms, geared for aerial, sub-surface and marine applications. Saxon originally formed to provide unmanned aerial services to existing clients of OceanTech as well as a broader range of pertinent industries around the world.   Remote technology has been the basis behind both companies drawing upon the 20+ years of experience of the CEO John Ferguson.  Saxon took a new approach to the market as the need for Saxon Remote Systems

Sophisticated Presence:


As more and more entries into this field take to the skies, a defining feature that will distinguish competitors is the degree of integrity displayed when it comes to certifications, safety and delivering on commitments. Saxon features equipment, systems and crews that are fully trained in safety and HSE (Health Safety Environment) / QMS (Quality Management Systems) and SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) manuals are maintained and demand strict adherence to protocol that reduces risk for all parties and ensures higher performance and satisfaction versus providers that do not ascribe to such standards.


Saxon and affiliate OTS owner, John Ferguson, has over 20 years of experience servicing clients from around the world, providing superior deliverables in a professional manner. He has a reputation around the world as being a professional leader, communicator, innovator and knowledge resource who has organized the company to deliver superior performance to enterprises that build infrastructure projects as well as existing multi-million/billion-dollar enterprises operating offshore and onshore.